Resume (Table Tennis)

ITTF URC Trainer / Evaluator
ITTF PTTD Technical Delegate (Junior)

Table Tennis   2010 Table Tennis Association of Malaysia Umpires & Referees Committee
    2006 ITTF   IR 06156
    International Referee
     2005  ITTF Umpires & Referees Committee
    #  Member (Full Member w.e.f. 2007)
#  Trainer/Evaluator of Umpires and Referees
     2005 ITTF-Para TT  
    Technical Delegate (Junior)
     2004  ITTF  IU 80159
      International Umpire – Blue Badge
     2004  ITTF-Para TT U294
      International Umpire
    1980  ITTF  IU 80159
      International Umpire
 Sports Related Activities  
Table Tennis (ITTF & ITTF-Para TT)
Some events officiated in since 2004
     Year Event  Position
    2013 World TT Championships (Indiv), Paris, FRN URC Member; AUT Trainer; Evaluator
      2013 Qatar Open AUT Trainer; Evaluator
      2013 Japan Open AUT Trainer; Evaluator
      21st Asian Championships, Busan, Korea AUT Trainer; Evaluator
      2013 PTT Thailand Open TD
    2012 World Team TT Championships, Dortmund, GER URC Member; AUT Trainer; Evaluator
      Asian Championships, Macau AUT Trainer; Evaluator
      5th Al Watani PTT Champinoships, Amman, JOR Referee
      GJC: Thailand Jr & Cadet Open, Pattaya, THA Asst. ACM
      Japan Open, Kobe, JPN AUT Trainer; Evaluator
    2011 World Individual TT Championships URC Member; AUT Trainer; Evaluator
      2011 PTT Slovenia Open Dep. Referee
      ITTF PTT Asian & Oceania Regional TTC Dep. Referee
      Korean Veterans PTT Tournament Referee
      PTT Thailand Open 2011 Referee
    2010  ITTF PTT World Table Tennis Championship 2010  (Gwangju, Korea)  Referee
       19th Commonwealth Games  (Delhi India)  Venue Operations Manager (Table Tennis)
       US Open 2010  (Michigan, USA)      Evaluator
       World Table Tennis Championship (WTTC) (Moscow, Russia)   URC Member; AUT Trainer; Evaluator
       Volkswagen Cup 2010 (Guangzhou, China)  Deputy Referee; "Spectacular Pairs" Judge
       Qatar Open 2010 (Doha, Qatar)  Evaluator
     2009  1st Gwangju-Korea International Para Table Tennis Championships (F20), (Gwangju, Korea)  Referee
       Asia and Oceania Regional Championships 2009 (Amman, Jordan)  Referee
       5th ASEAN Para Games (Malaysia)  Deputy Tech. Delegate
       World Table Tennis Championship (WTTC) (Yokohama, Japan)  URC Member; AUT Trainer; Evaluator
       Indian Open 2009 (Indore, India)  AUT Trainer; Evaluator
       Pro Tour China Open 2009 (Suzhou, China)  Evaluator
       Basic Umpires’ Course, Basic Referees Course, Tournament Organisation Course (Lesotho, Africa)  Trainer
       National Referees’ Course (Johannesburg, South Africa)  Trainer
       National Referees’ Course (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)  Trainer
     2008  Volkswagen 2008 Women’s World Cup (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)  Referee
       1st Asian University Table Tennis Championship (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)  Deputy Referee
       2008 Beijing Olympic Games TT Asian Qualification Tournament (General Zone) (Hong Kong)  Deputy Referee
       4th ASEAN Para Games (Korat, Thailand)  Referee
       World Table Tennis Championship (WTTC) (Guangzhou, China)  URC Member; Evaluator
       Basic Umpires’ Course (Mongolia, Maldives)  Trainer
       Basic Umpires’ Course, Basic Referees Course, Tournament Organisation Course (Zambia, Africa)  Trainer
     2007  Asian Cup (Vietnam)  Referee
       Women’s World Cup 2007 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)  Deputy Referee
       World Table Tennis Championship (WTTC) (Zagrib, Croatia)  URC Member; Evaluator
       Basic Umpires’ Course (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam)  Trainer
       2007 Volkswagen Japan Open (Pro Tour)  Evaluator
       24th SEA Games (Korat, Thailand)  AUT Trainer; Evaluator
     2006  KL’06 9th FESPIC Games (for the Disabled) (Malaysi Secretary, Technical Committee & Deputy TD
       World Table Tennis Championship (WTTC) (Bremen, Germany)  URC Member; Evaluator
       2006 Volkswagen Singapore Open (Pro Tour)  Evaluator
     2005  5th Asia & South Pacific TT C’ships (for the Disabled) (Malaysia) Secretary, Technical Committee
       World Table Tennis Championship (WTTC) (Shanghai, China)  URC Member; Evaluator
       17th Asian TT Championships (Jeju, Korea)  AUT Trainer; Evaluator
       3rd World Jr. TT Championships (Linz, Austria)  Evaluator
     2004  Games of the XXVIII Olympiad (TT) (Athens, Greece)  Umpire
       16th Commonwealth TT C’ships (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)  Umpire
     1998  Commonwealth Games (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)  Protocol Officer
    Cyril, who hails from Malaysia, first got involved in table tennis in the 1970s and qualified as an International Umpire (IU) in 1980. In 2004, he qualified as an IU-Blue Badge, and in 2006 obtained his International Referee (IR) qualification.

With the promotion and development of table tennis for the disabled in Malaysia, there was a need to have local officials that were internationally qualified. Desirous of contributing to those who are differently abled, Cyril went on to become a qualified International Paralympic Table Tennis Committee (IPTTC) International Umpire in 2004 and International Referee in 2006, and a qualified Technical Delegate in 2005.

In 2005, Cyril became a Member of the Umpires & Referees Committee (URC) of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), as well as a Trainer and umpires’ Evaluator for the ITTF.

Over the years, he has served (and continues to serve) as an umpire and referee in numerous local, National and International competitions, some of them being the SEA Games, Asian Table Tennis Championships, Asian Cup, ASEAN Para Games, FESPIC Games, Commonwealth Championships, World Cup (Men & Women), World Championships (able bodied & PTT), and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

In his role as an ITTF Trainer/Evaluator, Cyril has conducted programmes and evaluations in a number of countries, some of them being Austria, Bahrain, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Croatia, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Laos, Lesotho, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, USA, Vietnam and Zambia.

Cyril is always willing to assist in the promotion and development in the knowledge of the Rules of table tennis as well as the knowledge and skills in refereeing and umpiring.
He can be contacted at:   email:; HP: +60 12 3909006;  Tel: +60 6 6328902